Data Backups

Lost your website content? Turn to our backup solution

Once put online, your web site content is generally a potential subject to cyber–thieves assaults. Alternatively, it could be affected even by your own unintended actions. Select us and, there is nothing to worry about, given that we have a backup of your web site content, which can retrieved whenever you want. What’s more, you may create manual back–up copies of your whole site with a simple click through your File Manager, which is located in the Site Control Panel. The system will successfully restore all of your files and will copy them into a ZIP archive, which will be saved in your hosting account.


A safe and secure web app firewall software

Our company offers an instant way of securing each web app in your web hosting account, no matter if it is freshly installed or has been transferred from another hosting distributor. All our cloud hosting plans come with ModSecurity – a web app firewall program, which is enabled by default. We have configured it to immediately stop the majority of hack attacks. This suggests that when you host your website with us, it will be safer than before.

VPN Access

Secure, private web site browsing

If, for some reason, you would like to mask your cyber footprint, we’ve the ideal option for you. With all our cloud hosting packs, you’ll be able to acquire VPN access and have all your incoming and outgoing traffic re–routed through one of our VPN data centers. And you can use the same Virtual Private Network settings on any gadget that’s connected to the web – your desktop personal computer, your netbook, your telephone, etc..

Web App Installer

A fast installation of personal blogs, image galleries, etc.

Thanks to the 1–click Best Web Applications tool incorporated into the Site Control Panel, you can take your very own fully fledged web site online in a matter of minutes. With one click, your personal journal, discussion forum, online image gallery or e–store will be launched and will be ready to be used. Choose your web app, add some details associated with your new website and click the Install button. We will handle everything else instead of you! 40+ apps are present for you to pick out from.

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